Coming home earlier than had hoped, but feeling very proud of the performance today and making it through to the semi finals of the English Speaking Union competition . What a fabulous achievement and experience !#succeedingtogether #publicspeaking #amazingstudents @theESU

Good luck to our Welsh Champion Public Speakers who will be participating in the final in Cambridge this weekend 🗣 #YouGotThis #publicspeaking #proudteachers

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Attendance & Punctuality


Pupils late for school AFTER 9:10 will have a restorative meeting with a Progress Leader on a Friday in Room 2. Any minutes late (after 9:10) from the week will be totalled up and that will be the time repaid on a Friday. This process will run Tuesday – Tuesday and letters will be sent out on a Wednesday.

  • Punctuality is an important part of self-discipline and is essential to good time management.
  • Good punctuality shows a pupil is ready and willing to work.
  • Punctual pupils help the learning of others.
  • Punctuality is a good habit to take with you into the sixth form, college, university and is an essential employability skill.

Later arrivals

  • If you arrive late for school before 9:10 go to your form room to receive a late mark.
  • If you arrive late after 9:10 go to reception and sign in. Any minutes late that are not accounted for by any of the below will be totalled and repaid on the nearest Friday.
  • If you are late to school or have to attend a doctor/dental/hospital appointment, report to the office with an official card or note from a parent/carer. Action will be taken for persistent lateness.


  • The proper place for you to be on a school day is at school. If you are not in school then you must have a justifiable reason and your parents should telephone the school office before 8.30 am on the first day of absence. If your parents are unable to do this then they must telephone the school as soon as possible. Failure to do this will result in your parent receiving an automatic text. You should always bring a note/completed slip in your planner from your parents, when you return to school after being absence.
  • Your parents have been asked not to arrange family holidays during term time. All holiday requests for Years 10 and 11 will be unauthorised.
  • Pupils’ attendance in school is monitored. Parents will be contacted if pupils are missing from lessons or school, without prior notification.
  • Our school prides itself on having excellent figures, as a guide pupils should use a minimum of 96% as a guide to satisfactory attendance.
  • Authorised absences may include illness, emergency medical appointment, family crisis, interview or examination. However, these absences will not count towards your percentage attendance.
  • Unauthorised absences include shopping, birthdays, day trips, holidays or visiting relatives.

“The world is run by those who turn up.”

Robert B Johnson

Attendance Matters

AttendancePresentAbsentLessons Missed
100%190 Days
99.5%189 Days1 Day5
97.4%185 Days5 Days25
95%180 Days10 Days50
80%152 Days38 Days190
70%133 Days57 Days285

Attending school every day= 100% attendance
Attending 4 ½ days a week = 90% attendance = 4 weeks missed per year.
Attending 4 days a week = 80% attendance = more than half a term missed per year or 2 full years missed over the course of their school career.
Attending 3 ½ days each week = 70% attendance = more than a quarter of the school year missed.

Being late for school reduces learning time. If your child is 5 minutes late every day, they will miss three days of learning each year.

If your child is 15 minutes late every day, they will miss 2 weeks of learning each year.

Make every minute count.