Parent Bulletin No. 12

Dear Parent/Carer

We welcomed Year 9 back into school today. I have received very positive feedback as to how well their lessons have gone online. Thank you to those parents who have shared kind words with us also. We are developing this aspect of teaching to ensure our pupils receive the best possible experiences should they be unable to attend school. It is good to be back to a full school today though.

Wearing of face coverings at school (secondary) 

We received notification from Welsh Government this week that we must now introduce face coverings in secondary schools. They have instructed us as to when and where face coverings must be worn. Below I have included an extract from their guidance.

The Welsh Government has updated its guidance on the use of face coverings in schools and on dedicated school transport for year 7 and up.

The guidance now states that face coverings should be worn:

· in all areas outside the classroom by staff and learners in secondary schools and colleges

· on dedicated school and college transport for learners in year 7 and up

· by visitors to all schools and colleges, including parents and carers picking up and collecting children

The move follows the publication of SAGE evidence and a recent TAG report.

All pupils will be issued a reusable face covering today along with a plastic sealable bag to store them in. They will need to washed every day or alternated with another clean covering.If pupils have their own face coverings then they are welcome to use them providing they meet the necessary safety standard. Pupils received an assembly today explaining why face coverings had been introduced, where they must be worn and how to safely put them on and off and dispose of them.

If your child is unable to wear a face covering due to medical or health reasons please contact your form tutor to communicate this. As well as pupils, the guidance includes all our staff, visitors to the school site and yourselves as parents.

To reduce the risk of transmission amongst parents and relatives, please wear masks when visiting school, and at drop-off and collection areas. Maintaining clear social distance at the school gates will also reduce risk and set a good example to pupils. 

Along with regular hand washing/sanitising and social distancing, this will reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19 at school as far as possible.

Please follow these guidelines and encourage your child to follow theirs too. They have been made stronger to keep you and your families as safe as possible. They are based on new advice from Welsh Government’s Technical Advisory Group, as we learn more about the way COVID-19 is transmitted.

The new guidelines will be introduced from Monday November 30th. Thank you for your help in doing all we can – together – to keep ourselves and others safe.

Stay safe and have a good weekend.

Mr P Smith