Year 11 Don't forget to come and get your LFT kits
11CM 11th March 3:00-3:30pm
11SH 11th March 3:30-4:00pm
11HC 12th March 2:00-2:30pm
11RG 12th March 2:30-3:00pm

If pupils are unable to collect, parents must phone school to book an appointment to come and collect the kit.

Good evening everyone.

Thank you for the feedback we have received today. Attached is a video announcement to give you a brief update. I will write to you later this week giving a detailed plan.

Stay safe.

Paul Smith

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January Arrangements

Dear Parent/Carer

Arrangements for the new term in January

We have just received notice from Flintshire Local Authority that pupils will not be returning to face-to-face lessons in the New Year.  Rather, remote learning will continue.  The spring term was due to commence on Tuesday, January 5.  Lessons will resume on that date but they will be via Microsoft Teams.  I will send out more details in tomorrow’s parent bulletin but I wanted to give you as much notice as possible.

We are offering places to children of critical workers from Tuesday January 5th. If you require this provision then please contact school by 3pm tomorrow using contact@argoedhs.co.uk or via phone. We will need to know the name and form group of your child.  Your occupation and which days you require a place.

I appreciate this may be frustrating for you and I can assure you I would much rather be welcoming our students back into school in person.  However, I have been informed that cases continue to rise in the region and this decision has been made with safety in mind.

Thank you all for your support.

Yours faithfully

Mr P Smith


— Update 18/12/2020 —

Click here for the letter from FCC

Dear Parent/Carer

Further to my letter yesterday please find attached a communication from Flintshire Local Authority. If you are a critical worker and require your child to be in school then please contact us as soon as possible. Can I remind you all that the new term begins on Tuesday January 5th.

Arrangements for Remote Learning

Students are to follow their usual timetable and it will be week 2 when we return after the holiday. For example, if your child has Maths period 1 on Monday they will have a live Maths lesson. If their timetable states that they then have Science period 2 they will then have a live lesson with their Science teacher at that time. In order to facilitate the extra time it may take to log in and out of sessions we have altered our timings slightly as follows: 

Lesson  Start Finish 
Lesson 1 09.10 am 10:00 am 
Lesson 2 10:10 am 11.00 am 
Break 11.00 am 11.20 am 
Lesson 3 11.20 am 12.10 pm 
Lunch 12.10 pm  01.00 pm 
Lesson 4 01.00 pm  01.50 pm 
Lesson 5 02.00 pm 02.50 pm 

It is your responsibility to ensure your child participates in these lessons and completes the work set. Teachers will take a class register and you will be notified by the school office if your child has not joined their lesson. All our staff will be in school week commencing January 4th so if you have any concerns then please contact us. 

Any child who receives Free School Meals will have their credit sent directly to your bank account. For those pupils who will be in school they must bring a packed lunch. Food will not be available in school.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a brighter New Year.

Yours faithfully

Mr P Smith