Pupil Deprivation Grant

Argoed High School Pupil Development Grant Statement

The purpose of the Pupil Development Grant is to improve the educational attainment and achievements of pupils who are entitled to free school meals (eFSM).

WG Definition 2018 – The PDG should be used to support the needs of all children who are or have been eFSM in the previous two years or are looked after. The PDG is intended to provide support to disadvantaged learners to overcome the additional barriers that prevent those from disadvantaged backgrounds achieving their full potential.’

As a school, we will implement the PDG to:

Develop early literacy and numeracy approaches
Support all eligible learners, including those who are MAT.
Forensically track pupils, identify underachievement and use robust intervention strategies
Place a high priority on teaching and learning, quality feedback and metacognitionX
Ensure support staff are highly trained and clearly identify the provision they are leading on
Target Early Intervention Strategies with at least 60% of secondary schools’ PDG to be invested in key stage 3 learners
Develop effective systems and processes for tracking pupil’s progress
Ensure that all PDG statements are published (school website or forwarded to GwE).

In addition to the above we have used the PDG funding to:

  • Support pupils with acquiring suitable school uniform and other items
  • Provide a free breakfast via the school canteen before school for those pupils identified as eligible
  • Provide specific subject support for those pupils identified as eligible
  • Support extra-curricular activities, e.g. Trips, Music, Art, etc., for those pupils identified as eligible
  • Expand our curriculum provision through off site courses and learning
  • Develop resilience, confidence and positive behaviour (HAPT)
  • Run Commando Joe programme to address a range of emotional, behavioural and selfesteem issues in vulnerable pupils

In 2019-20 Argoed High School were allocated a total Pupil Development Grant of £57,213.

Argoed High School has reference to PDG in the annual SDP as a vehicle for planning or a comprehensive plan, agreed and monitored by GwE and Flintshire Local Authority.

X / ✓ – It is not appropriate for the school to publish a detailed plan as it could identify individual pupils.