Parent Update 4th Jan 2021

Dear Parent/Carer

Happy New Year and I hope you all managed to have a nice Christmas. Please find below confirmation of the arrangements for this week. Flintshire Local Authority will be holding meetings on Wednesday and it is hoped a decision regarding school provision for next week will be communicated to us then, I will update you as soon as I receive this. Places at school have been allocated for children of critical workers and those who require specialist supervision from tomorrow. In the interests of safety for everyone, including your child please only send them in if absolutely necessary. I am aware that case numbers in the area have risen significantly and the safest place for everyone is in their home.

Arrangements for Remote Learning

Students are to follow their usual timetable and it is week 2. Some students may have had alterations to their timetable due to staff changes. They can check this through their Teams Calendar and you can also view it through Sims Parent App. In order to facilitate the extra time it may take to log in and out of sessions we have altered our timings slightly as follows: 

Lesson  Start Finish 
Lesson 1 09.10 am 10:00 am 
Lesson 2 10:10 am 11.00 am 
Break 11.00 am 11.20 am 
Lesson 3 11.20 am 12.10 pm 
Lunch 12.10 pm  01.00 pm 
Lesson 4 01.00 pm  01.50 pm 
Lesson 5 02.00 pm 02.50 pm 

It is your responsibility to ensure your child participates in these lessons and completes the work set. Teachers will take a class register and you will be notified by the school office if your child has not joined their lesson. I am aware that some staff are off ill this week. In this case they may not be able to deliver a live lesson but will set assignments via Teams instead.

Any child who receives Free School Meals will have their credit sent directly to your bank account. For those pupils who will be in school they must bring a packed lunch. Food will not be available in school.

Yours faithfully

Mr P Smith